Dear friends, travelers and those having World in your hearts, this place is created exactly for you.

CountryTip is the World enthusiasts loving to discover new places, meet people with their unique backgrounds, experience different lifestyle and see the beauty in everything around us. By learning more and more after each new county visit we feel the mission of creating friendly and compact place for finding tested travelling routs and sharing the best places we all have found all around the World.

We welcome everyone to contribute and write about the beautiful places found in or outside of the home country and You can always go to the latest posts written by our members to see what new has been posted by others.

People always say: “If you want to get to know the place – ask the locals” and here’s the chance not only to read travelers’ stories about a country and learn their routes but also hear what the special places are that locals suggest.

Join us on CountryTip to share your experience and read the exciting stories about other people discoveries!

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