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Title: How I started my life in Italy (Milan)
Country: Italy,
City: Milan
Author: Magda
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As I am a EU citizen, I don’t really need any official document to live and work in Italy.
If you come from outside of the EU (so called ‘extracomunitario) you need a ‘permesso di soggiorno’, a document allowing you to stay in Italy. You get it from ‘Questura’, a local office.

In each case, it’s useful to get a Codice Fiscale, which is a kind of a Social Number. You need it for many things: it’s definitely required if you work here, and very useful for things such as banking, football games, ecc.

As for finding accommodation, I suggest looking at: and (both in Italian) – all rooms and houses for rent are basically listed here. You can also go to universities (Bocconi, Cattolica) and see the info board. There are many offers there too.

For public transportation you have a choice of single tickets (‘biglietto) for 1€ (valid for 75 min, only 1 metro pass), daily ticket (‘giornarliero) for 3€, or others (ex. 12 passes ticket). There are machines in each metro station to get tickets, you can choose English. Alternative is a monthly card (testiera). Student one is 17€ (plus 10€ for a card itself). Normal one is about twice as expensive. ATM, public transportation company, has an office in metro (Duomo), where you can get it.

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