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Title: Rēzekne castle ruins
Country: Latvia,
City: Rēzekne
Place: Rēzekne castle ruins
Category: History/ ruins/ castles
Author: CT
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From the 9th to 13th century on the hill there was a fortified ancient Latgale castle. In 1285 Rozitten castle was built for Shurborga Wilhelm and it was built as a Livonian fogota residence.

In the 13th century at the same place the Livonian Order knights built a two-story stone castle. To enter the castle, you had to pass over the lifting bridge, through three iron gates and only then enter Forburg (forepart).

As the castle was strategically important object, the Russians, Lithuanians, Poles, Swedes wanted to conquer it and it was completely demolished during the years of 1656-1660. After that the fortress was not rebuilt.

From the year 1712 it was officially allowed to use the stones from the castle walls for house and farm buildings construction.

Right now not much left from the ruins but from the top of the hill you will have a beautiful view over Rezekne.

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