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Title: Barefoot path
Country: Latvia, Engures novada Smārdes pagasts
Place: "Valguma Pasaule"
Category: Relax
Author: Jana
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If you are going to Latvia’s countryside and Tukums or Smārde village is on your way it’s worth visiting barefoot path near lake Valguma. Here, far from crowded cities, is located “Valguma pasaule” – holiday complex which is meant for holidaymakers who want to enjoy calmness of the surrounding nature.

However the main attraction is barefoot path. It’s 1.5 km long and takes about 1 hour to complete it. You can feel with you feet different surfaces – gravel, sand, rock, pebble, cones and much more. Most exciting for me was bath with white clay. It’s very slippery and once you get out and the sun has dried the clay it forms like a white “boots” around your feet. There is also possibility to skip some surfaces if it’s too painful for someone but you shouldn’t!

Best visiting time is in summer when weather is warm and pleasant. They also offer bike and boat rental. You should have your own fish-rod if you are willing to catch some fish in the nearby lake.

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"Valguma Pasaule"„Valgums”, Engures novada Smārdes pagasts; GPS coordinates: N 56,99000°; E 23,31540°1 LVL (~1,4 EUR)

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