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Title: Budapest at a glance
Country: Hungary,
Length: weekend
Category: City
Author: Evita
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Budapest at a glance
This is not a travel guide for the best places to see in Budapest, but rather my feelings and emotions of a short trip there in March, 2012.

At a glance, it’s not easy to describe the feeling as the city is so diverse. Really! Recent relocation to Warsaw has let me notice quite many different and sometimes non-standard things.
No way can you leave unnoticed the number of gypsies in the city. That is the obvious difference of any other European city (but definitely not reaching Bucharest numbers). However, I faced not a moment when I would feel uncomfortable with that fact.
In spite of the great atmosphere due to the sun and spring around, I could not understand the reason of dirtiness around. I know, it’s mirroring the lifestyle and overall characteristics of the nation, but I just got a feeling that spring has come unexpected, and janitors have not yet managed to clear away the winter dust.. :) If a bit of cleaning done around, it would bring out a real pearl. In fact, it is already now. Yes, Budapest is a pearl!

Passing over any of the bridges across the Danube River have always fascinated me – have a view either towards a beautiful parliament building or the impressive palace complex. I could travel here and there all the day long :) . Just like it so much.
For me as inhabitant of Northern part of Europe, where spring comes in end April only, Hungarians seemed to be a bit spoiled (you can read, choosey). +15 degrees in the evening (with presence of gas lamps) is not warm enough for them to enjoy the meal outside. To our desire for staying there waitress was very surprised and double checked if we are sure we do not freeze out there. It would be a sin to say we freeze, we enjoyed our meal a lot together with other as „crazy” tourists as we were. So visiting of Budapest in end March can bring the spring feeling in the heart of inhabitant from any northern country.

Public transport! I had already become familiar with some antique “Ikaruss” buses in Warsaw, but there they have even more of them and older than in Warsaw. „Ikaruss” trolley buses really surprised me, it’s possible that my eyes had not seen any before at all. To be honest, I did not see a new model of a buss there.. They’ve started with a modernization of tram lines. Trams are beautiful and very long, about 4 sections in length. Metro is famous for its beautiful stations, unfortunately, did not manage to see any, but would definitely do it next time! All in all, they have 4 lines of metro, so, compared to 1 line in Warsaw or 0 number of lines in Riga, it’s a lot.
Taxi drivers surprised me in a very good way. Firstly, all of them were polite and nice :) , thus making me to feel much better after each and every drive with them :) . Secondly, they seem to be very honest. I experienced one „miracle” situation. When going to airport, taxi driver stopped the counter quite a while before we got there, neither I asked to do so or understood why he did it.. On top there was one more fact that put a huge smile on my face, he ate small gum candies in form of green frogs. As I say, it made my day :D
They drive fast and do not pay attention to pits and holes on the roads, so it could be a reason why all the cars have got some strange sounds (if I would have one for my car, I would bring it to service to check what has went wrong, but they just drive it further :) . However, Hungarian drivers do not beat the reckless driving style by Warsaw taxi drivers. But I believe, exceptions can exist!
The fact that the service staff, even outside traditional tourist paths, are able to understand what I’m saying in English, proves that tourism is important to them. I definitely felt more comfortable with my English there than in Warsaw.

It’s not that Hungarians are too optimistic and happy as they’ve experienced the crises there as well. Nationwide surprise of „Malev” bankrupt, which lead to dramatic decrease of available flights (Malev operated 40% of flights from Budapest) and closure of 1 out of 2 airport terminals, have left its consequences. That moment I felt happy that Air Baltic was saved..

I’ve never been for a standard tourist’s trip to Budapest, only for business reasons with no time to explore the city in full. Above mentioned differences can make the trip just more interesting. And you know, I truly enjoyed them :) . For me Budapest is on the list for one of the most desirable destinations for a weekend trip. And when posting this article, I already know the date I’m going there :)


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