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Title: Giethoorn – the village and the water
Country: Netherlands, Overijssel
Length: place
Category: City
Author: Kay
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Who would think that after driving for some time on deserted country roads we’d end up in the bustling village? First evidence on people love for water we noticed in a canal somewhere on the field. When we approached the village, it was clear why it’s called the Venice of the Holland – different size boats and yachts are everywhere as well as canals running into all directions. It was estimated that during that weekend there were around 2000 boats in Giethoorn canals and the lake.

It’s a very popular place for internal tourists but still pretty unknown destination to foreigners thus we didn’t hear any English around, maybe it’s the distance from Amsterdam what holds back the tourists.

We took a nice boat tour and it was worth it! The captain/guide was speaking in Dutch but did some translation for us in very good English. We were taken through the “old” Giethoorn village and it was so beautiful – each house and garden seemed like from a postcard. The village also holds an interesting history which started with the peat extraction and dates back to 1200.

Imagine: you’re having a beautiful house on your own small private island, transportation goes only through canals, to reach friends you can use either a boat or one of 180 bridges, you can also easily cross a lake because it’s only 1m deep and there are only 3000 people living there (+ hundreds of tourists :) visiting) – yes, that’s Giethoorn and is worth every kilometer driven.

Giethoorn – the village and the water, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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