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Title: The Miniature City or Madurodam
Country: Netherlands,
City: Haag
Category: Museum/ gallery
Author: CT
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The Miniature City has different areas like city, airport, industrial buildings etc. This is a really great travel destination for all ages. I even didn’t expect that I’ll like it there so much. As this place is located outside, of course, what matters is a good weather and we were lucky with it. It’s really impressive how much attention in the models is paid to details – now looking back on photos, it takes even time to figure out is this taken in a real city or in a miniature one.

In the park you will find not only famous places from Netherlands but also have interactions like funny short videos telling facts about the particular place, games like fighting the fire on the ship. Kids can go to playground but most of them are anyway enjoying more the miniature world rather than usual kid’s attractions.

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Name Address, contacts, links Costs
Miniature CityGeorge Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ Scheveningen, Den Haag, Nederland14,50 EUR

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