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Title: Bourtange Fortress
Country: Netherlands, Westerwolde
City: Bourtange
Category: History/ ruins/ castles
Author: EC
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Bourtange Fortress is a unique place where you see the reconstructed village inside. There are two different entrance possibilities:

1) Visiting just a village and the market where you can find different things starting from old toys and ending with local vine (1 EUR). When there is no market, the entrance to the willage should be for free.

2) For 6 EUR you will get the possibility to see the movie about Bourtange fortress history which was the most worthwhile and interesting to see; museum with a couple of excavated items like swords, dishes and guns; Synagogue; and two rooms decorated in the style people used to live in 18th century (captain’s lodge).

Though it’s pretty far from other sightseeing objects, situated in the region of Westerwolde, near the German border, its worth driving there and spending some 2-3 hours. There are also trekking places around so you can plan even more time for the visit.

Useful information

Name Address, contacts, links Costs
Bourtange Fortress www.bourtange.nl0-6 EUR

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