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Title: India Dravidian architecture (Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram)
Country: India, tamilnadu
Length: place
Category: History/ ruins/ castles
Author: regan_phil
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Hello Friends, I am Regan from India, working in publishing sector. I love travel and learning new things around the world. I am happy to share about my native place – village in India’ s southern part, Tamilnadu state. One of my favorite travel destinations is Chidambaram Natarajar Temple. I’m happy to help people who want to vist India.

Chidambaram marks an important stage of evolution of southern Indian architecture. Fueled with many miraculous stories of healing and blessings its popularity grew and Kings and rulers gave financial assistance for its enlargement. Built of granite, the temple stands on 39 acres of land surrounded by massive walls with four big tall gopurams in four directions. The North & South gopurams are 160feet high. 108 dance postures as seen in the Natya Sastra are sculpted in these towers.


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From-To Transportation Costs
Chennai to Chidambaram5 hrs travel Chennai to Chidambaram.

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