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Title: Heineken Experience
Country: Netherlands,
City: Amsterdam
Place: Heineken Experience
Category: Museum/ gallery
Author: EC
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Heineken Experience is really an experience – the museum is organized around the beer with many exciting and interactive things. I would call it learning through playing. You will be brewed in Heineken museum; you will learn how to drink the Heineken beer correctly and how to pour a perfect glass of beer.

At the entrance you’ll be given a bracelet with removable buttons. Two of those buttons are exchangeable to 2 small glasses of beer and one button is left for a free gift what you’ll get in Heineken gift shop just 15 minutes boat drive away from the museum. And this is another nice surprise because it counts for a short boat cruise with a guide.

If you know for sure that you want to visit this museum you can buy a ticket in advance online which will give you 2 EUR discount.

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Heineken Stadhouderskade 78, 1072AE Oude Pijp, Amsterdam, Nederland17 EUR

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