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Title: Latvian Song and Dance Festival
Country: Latvia,
City: Riga
Category: Festival/ theatre/ event
Author: Kay
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In year of 2013 (30th of June – 7th of July) there is a rare opportunity to see and feel the XXV Latvian Song and XV Dance Festival. The Festival is happening only once in 5 years and is a gathering of around 40 000 participants all dressed in folk costumes. Can you imagine a dance uniting 15 000 dancers and a song being sung in 12 000 voices?! The feeling there is amazing and you can’t miss the atmosphere of unity, tradition and mutual understanding.

This tradition not only dates back to 140 years but is also been recorded in the UNESCO list of Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

My recommended events to visit are:
- The Parade on 7th of July where all the singers and dancers join together in the walk through Riga (free of charge);
- The Grand dance concerts;
- The closing song concert taking place at Grand Stage at Mežaparks.

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