Title: Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
Country: Estonia, north Estonian
City: Tallinn
Category: Museum/ gallery
Author: eevahelme
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Estonian Theatre and Music Museum collects, preserves, studies and introduces the Estonian theatre and musicale life. The museum organizes exhibitions, concerts and discussion evenings. In the summer time some museum events take place in the small courtyard of Assauwe.

Estonian Theatre and Music Museum has a music and theatre department. We have a unique musical and theatrical library, large note archive, collections of art, photos and films.

The permanent exhibition of the musical instruments, catches the attention with a variety of different home-organs, folk-, brass- and string-instruments. The charmer of the mechanical music-interments is a “Boy with a piglet”, what works based on a clockwork. Visitors can use the help of a professional guide to enjoy our exhibitions better. The theatre department offers a theatrical lecture for schools and drama-clubs.

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Name Address, contacts, links Costs
Estonian Theatre and Music MuseumMüürivahe 12, 10146 Tallinn1.5-3 EUR

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