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Title: The Strong Race
Country: Latvia, district of Tukums
City: Slampe
Place: Cinevilla
Category: Festival/ theatre/ event
Author: visstipraka
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The Strong race is extreme mass running and endurance race in Latvia. The track usually is around 8-10 km long through rough terrain with different manmade objects and hurdles in the way. There is a lot of crawling, climbing and jumping involved and it all happens in mud and water. Running is probably the last competence you need in order to get through the track with good result :)

There are three types of disciplines: women, men and teams. Teams consists of 4 members and it is mandatory that at least one member is a female. The best thing is that people usually are very helpful and cooperative during the race. They hold out a hand and help you to push up if needed. And it’s needed a lot… Already after two kilometers you feel exhausted and are hoping for the finish line to come sooner. It is a wonderful feeling when you finally get to the end and can put your hands up in a glory, doesn’t matter in which position you finish.

See the enclosed pictures and if you dare to tray, book the dates in your calendar for the next event in 2014. It’s unforgettable experience!

The Strong Race , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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