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Title: Cleopatra’s Pool
Country: Turkey, Denizli Province
Place: Pamukkale Cleopatra’s Pool
Category: Relax
Author: Pinarr
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Cleopatra’s Pool is located in the teritory of Pamukkale hot water pools but if you want to experience swimming in it you will need to buy a separate entrance ticket. The “Antique Pool” has a marvellous view of the ancient amphitheatre, where you can enjoy swimming in the pleasant warm mineral water surrounded by palm trees, pines, cypresses and oleanders and relax on fragments of antique works from marble. The water in the termal pool is 36 C°- 57 C°,PH value is 5,8 and radon value is1480 piccocuri/liter. Spa water has its inside bicarbonate, sulphate, carbon dioxide, partly with iron and radioactive combination.

According to local legend: “A woman, who swims in Cleopatra’s pool even once, will get ten years younger”, because its water is as helpful for skin and look as donkey milk which Egyptian queen used to swim in.

The best time to visit Cleopatra’s pool is in the autumn or spring when there are not so many tourists and the air temperature is ~15 degrees – you’ll really enjoy soaking in the warm water!

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